What is Significant Life Coaching?

Significant Life Coaching is a 16 session relational disciple making strategy designed to awaken Christians to understand we are called to live in partnership with God and His intended purpose in creating us. It is designed to activate believers into becoming world changers. 

These four questions define Significant Life Coaching:

  1. Where are you now? (Reality)

  2. Where do you want to be? (Vision)

  3. How are you going to get there? (Plan)

  4. What did you do today to get there? (Action)

Coaching activates the thinking by asking questions. Counseling and education are information telling a person what they should do. However, it is not what you know that makes the difference in life; it is how you apply what you know. Knowledge alone is incomplete action. Knowledge applied is the key to success and to the Significant Life. The activation of Truth changes lives.

Questions make people think. Questions cause people to want to know correct answers. This will create “sticky points” in their mind and they will remember the answer when they discover them.

Jesus was a Master Coach! He asked questions and told parables. He knew people’s thinking had to change in order for them to embrace the Kingdom of God. Until we help people change their thinking, we will never be able to help them change their ways. Asking questions challenges a person’s thinking. Change a person’s thinking and you change their life.

Coaching helps people to understand the difference between cause and effect living.

  • To live on the cause side of life means you are Proactive, “causing” life to happen the way it should be. You are in control of your life. You accept responsibility for your life.

  • To live on the effect side of life means you are Reactive; you react as life happens. You blame others, things and situations for your life. The result is stress with little control.

Significant Life Coaching is:

  • Partnering with God to help people discover why God created them.

  • Helping people experience the deep love of God.

  • Helping people develop intimacy with God through Relational Praying.

  • Activating people in making God the center of their life.

  • Helping people progress from where they are to where God wants them to be.

  • Helping people find their true identity in Christ.

  • Validating people by helping them see how important they are to God.

  • Working with the Holy Spirit to help people believe in themselves.

  • Helping people grow without telling them what to do.

  • Helping people prioritize their life by putting first things first.

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