New Manuals

The Coaching Manual, the Life Book and the Coaching Documents have all been rewritten. October 2018 is the revised date in all the manuals. This website has been revised to reflect the changes in the manuals. If you have old manuals you will need to replace them.

Two important changes: 1.) The first assignment will emphasize two very important things:  a) God is Love AND b) Let Christ live His life through you [this concept will be carried throughout the entire coaching experience.] 2.) Each session will have a time for training in relational praying to God. Relational praying is learning to connect with God at a heart felt level. It goes far beyond our request lists and into intimacy with God. It also helps us learn to discern the voice of the Holy Spirit.

Most of the other material in the manuals remains unchanged. These two changes will majorly impact the person being coached.