Session by Session

In every session there will be an assignment from this website under “Coaches Corner”.

Session 1: Get to know your coachee. Explain about coaching. Establish rapport. Explain the importance of the assignments,

Session 2: The 5 Big Rocks, The Four Constants in life, The Four Stages of Learning, The Paradigms + Assign Proverbs 1 - 9 to be read three times per month (Finding Wisdom)

Session 3: Begin explaining The Structure Drawing + Assign writing Purpose, Mission and Vision statements

Session 4: Discuss their Purpose, Mission and Vision statements + Finish The Structure Drawing explanation + Assign Values Clarification

Session 5: Three Categories of Life Management + The Strategic Planner

Session 6: Three Lifestyles + Evaluating The 8 Areas of Life

Session 7: Goal Setting - Spiritual + Self Evaluation

Session 8: Reaching Our Highest Potential Through Personal Growth + Goal Setting - Personal Growth + The Transforming Power of Journaling + Begin the process of getting the coachee to consider becoming a Significant Life Coach

Session 9: Goal Setting - Marriage + Emotional Needs

Session 10: Goal Setting - Family

Session 11: Setting and Achieving Long Term Goals + Goal Setting - Health + Mediation

Session 12 - Look over their Long Term Goal Setting + Goal Setting - Career + The Building We Build (The Circles Drawing)

Session 13 - Goal Setting - Financial

Session 14 - Goal Setting - Social

Session 15 - I Believe, My Pledge of Allegiance and Building Intimacy with God + Assign Confessions of a World Changer, Significant Discernments and Rediscovering Jesus Christ

Session 16 - This may be your most important session. You will go over Significant Discernments and Rediscovering Jesus Christ + Building Intimacy with God and Explain Follow-up Sessions

Coaching Follow-up 1 - Review and evaluating their walk

Coaching Follow-up 2 - Review + The S.M.A.R.T. Model and The G,R.O.W. Model

Coaching Follow-up 3+ - Review + Seven Great Questions - Use this page for all future Follow-ups

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