How to Use the Coaching Manual

IMPORTANT: Pages 79 - 86 is the section on Coaching Session by Session. Always refer to this section of the Coaching Manual before you coach a particular session. Page 79 gives an outline for how to coach each session. Beginning on page 80 you will find the overview for Session 1. Sessions 2 - 16 follow.

Pages 4 - 12 amplify the importance of Significant Life Coaching.

Pages 13 - 20 are questions coaches will use to cause the coachee to think. This is done to help them change their thinking in order to line up with God's Word and God's Ways.

Pages 21 - 78 is the Coaching Process. Here you will find helpful material and explanations you will need as you go through Sessions 1 - 16 with the coachee. Much of this material is identical with what is in the coachee's Life Book; however, there is extra material you will want to reference here. Page 65 contains helpful thoughts on coaching your own children who still live at home with you.

Pages 87 - 89 is an admonition to finishing strong.

Note this: You do not have to read all the Coaching Manual before you begin; just get familiar with it. I strongly recommend you read pages 4-12 before you begin coaching. And you will need to read all the material associated with each session before you meet with your coachee – preferably a day or two before each session.