NOTE: This appeal is endorsed by T. D. Hall, Olen Griffing, Doug White and Jim Hodges, seasoned saints with excellent track records. They advise pastors and leaders and have a combined ministry of over 230 years. 

An Appeal to Pastors

Pastor, we can start a Discipleship Revolution. I believe we can train our people to activate disciples who will change this world. Jesus did it. He told us to do it. We can. I have a strategy that is working. It takes commitment.

I know your heart. I was a Senior Pastor for more than 35 years. Your great desire is for your people to grow in their relationship with God. The Apostle Paul expresses the desire of our heart in Ephesians 4:11-16. We want to equip the saints; we want our people to have a full knowledge of Christ; and we do not want them to be children tossed to and fro.

As a godly pastor you also have a burden to see The Great Commission fulfilled. Pastors feel the urgency; yet few see the results they desire. Where are the world changers? Where are those who are sold out to Jesus Christ? We see a few but not nearly enough.

One of our problems has been our “soul-winning” approach. The emphasis on being “born again” has been about getting people to come to Christ so they can get to heaven. The New Testament message is about becoming a disciple of Jesus Christ so we can get heaven into us and become a light to a dark world.

Significant Life Coaching is a strategy to equip the saints to do the great work of making disciples. It is designed to activate saints to work with the Holy Spirit. I train people to make disciples by teaching them to life coach. This website aids them as they proceed.

My heart for this work is expressed in the article entitled I Have a Dream. One particular aspect of that dream is an army of Senior Saints who will coach the next generation in becoming committed followers of Christ. It is time for fathers and mothers to arise in the House of God. (See An Appeal to Senior Saints.)

Pastor, after you look over this website, please contact me about having a Significant Life Coaching workshop at your church. Together we can start a Discipleship Revolution! And hopefully an Evangelism Revolution.

Gary Stewart

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